why empaths

Empaths have big work to do on this planet. We also have a unique set of energetic and emotional needs that are rarely met. Oils for Empaths was designed to balance the empath chakra system and support empaths in living out their calling.

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Blends are handmade in Halifax, Nova Scotia and shipped internationally. As each blend is made individually, requests for specific healing intentions can be added to your order to be intended into your blend during packaging. Due to the hand-blended nature of the oil blends, orders are collected and mailed out in batches. See Shipping and Timing at bottom of website to view next mail date.


the blends

There are six signature blends: 


+ Grounding (Root Chakra)

+ Personal Power (Sacral Chakra)

+ Self-Worth & Boundaries (Solar Plexus Chakra)

+ Self-Love & Forgiveness (Heart Chakra)

+ Authenticity (Throat Chakra)

+ Intuition (Third Eye, Crown Chakra and Body Consciousness)

+ As well as a kit of all six blends available for those wanting to sample the full line and how each feels before choosing a favourite.

I’ve been meaning to send you a handwritten thank you for the [grounding] blend - I can’t wait to see what else you start carrying when your line opens. Thank you for being you & for always being such a loving and supportive force for this community.