Oils for Empaths started as a pull to create something Physical.


Something real.

Something I could mail to those I love to say, ‘I’m here! And I get you. And allll of this you’re going through.’
I wanted it to be tangible. Something more than words. Something someone could keep on their bedside table, in their car, or in the bag they were carrying. Something someone could reach for when life felt heavy —

Because though beautiful, this journey isn’t always easy.

Solid ground is the very first thing you give up when you decide to incarnate into a body that feels everything and wants to serve everybody, and though there are tips and tools that help, it’s easy to get ungrounded, overwhelmed and feel a deep sense of being alone in what you’re growing through and learning.

When the pull to create something kept pulling at me, I thought back to early on in my journey when Laura (then a stranger) gave me a grounding blend after a self-care workshop she was running.

The blend was Patchouli, Black Pepper, Lavender and Vetiver, and it calmed me by bringing me back into my body; a feeling of groundedness I forgot how to feel with my lack of boundaries.

So I reached out to Laura (now a friend) and asked if she would be interested in lending her aromatherapy gifts to create similar grounding blends for a few empaths I knew who were learning to work with their abilities. That conversation lead to another conversation, and eventually a coffee date in mid March 2018 where we decided to not just make a few blends, but to make an entire collection of hand-crafted essential oil blends specific to us empaths.

And now;

After months of perfecting, it’s here:

Pictured are the 5mL blends that come in the 6-blend kit.

Pictured are the 5mL blends that come in the 6-blend kit.


A line of hand-crafted essential oil blends developed for, and devoted to, us empaths and our needs as deep feeling, heart-centered beings.


The Oils for Empaths line includes six signature blends, each designed to support empaths in the areas of life us empaths need the greatest support in. The collection is based on the empath’s chakra system with the overall intention of pulling an empath’s energy into the lower chakras to make being here on the earth plane more safe and enjoyable!

There is a blend for:

+ grounding
+ personal power
+ self worth & boundaries
+ self love & forgiveness
+ authenticity
+ intuition

The blends were intuitively designed based on plant properties and their affect on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies - and if you look closely, there are a few oils that weave their way throughout all six blends in the collection. These repeating oils have proven most impactful on this empath journey.



Each individual essential oil blend is 10mL and contained in a clear glass roller bottle. The six-blend kit consists of six 5mL blends (grounding, power, self worth, self love, authenticity and intuition) contained in clear glass roller bottles and secured in paper wrapping. All shipped in bubble envelopes with a stone to protect your package while in transit. Also, if you wish, there is a form to submit a healing wish at purchase. Your wish will be kept in mind during all phases of your blend’s creation.

As blends are made in small batches, please see Shipping and Timing to see when the next blends will be mailed out.