We created the grounding blend to help empaths steady their energy and feel safe and secure on days that feel overwhelming. Due to its calming effect, the blend is an excellent aid for productivity and feeling at home in the physical body.

the ingredients


black pepper

ignites the divine masculine and the strength to act


deepens the spiritual connection to mother earth and the joy of being human


enhances the mind-body-spirit connection


brings a calm, safe, relaxing energy

*grapeseed oil carrier

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The blend smells AMAZING! It smells like there is no need to worry...I can’t describe smell, but that’s what I felt. When I put it on it was instantly grounding! I have A LOT of trouble grounding, but I know I need to come back to down to earth. I cannot wait to smell and use the other blends.
I just received the [grounding] blend and handwritten note and felt the urge to write back to thank you. I am deeply moved by how personal you made your product and I will forever cherish and treasure what you have sent me. The oil blend is exquisite, the smell strangely brings me back to childhood days spent with my father’s family. This is such a gift. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.