with deep gratitude


The idea that it takes a village to raise a child is something I can’t help but reflect on when it comes to the birthing of the Oils for Empaths line. This idea may have started cover coffee, but it took the love, support and artistry of many souls to make it reality. At the top of the list is Laura Mofina. The aromatherapist and sister-soul who took my scattered notes and made them into blends that don’t just smell empowering, but feel that way too. She’s the yin to my yang when it comes to this creation and I’m so grateful for her willingness to believe in the vision I envisioned many moons ago when sending mail to those I love was just a thought I was thinking a lot about. Next is Emily Rankin. A heart-centered graphic designer from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and the talent behind the logo. A lotus, a flower that grows through muddy water to share its beauty with the world. Emily, thank you for lending your abilities to put the first stamp on what this project would become. There’s also Samantha from Revamp Amor, the creative vision behind the colours, fonts and personality of both The Diary Of An Empath and Oils For Empaths. I stumbled across Samantha’s work not ten minutes after I asked to work with someone like her and there is no doubt this connection was a connection created by the magical forces at work in this world. And finally, Stacia Ashe, Cat Shoener, Raquel Fernandes, Clarissa Zaruk and Kiarna Jayne for reminding me every day what it means to birth magic here on the Earth plane.



Special thanks to Briana McCarron (Greens on Monday) and Katherine Gillis for the photos that scatter both of my websites, and Nevica Vazquez for keeping me grounded through Summer 2018 and the changes it brought to everything.